But what shall we expect from this new wine from Wizkid, our host. Come on in, let’s feast. It’s a banquet of good music.

1. Reckless

Wizkid starts off with a high-octane, frenetic energy. He’s in two modes here—calm at the beginning but as the beat progresses, he gets personal, and assumes a charged tone.

It’s here the sound template of the album is established—mid tempo mix of gentle piano melodies, horns, guitar licks and slick percussion.

On RecklessWizkid is draped in the garment of thanksgiving, reflecting on past struggles: “Got so many blessings, I dey count all night”

2. Ginger

The theme of the album becomes clear here.

While we might have been given a false impression on Reckless, Ginger has Wizkid enticing his love interest, expressing all what he’ll do to her: “We go dey, We go dey/We go dey nice”

3. Longtime

On most features on this album, Wizkid sometimes comes second best. And while we highly regard his ageless hook on Bad Energy, that exquisiteness is missing here.

Skepta takes the glory with his ruthless delivery. It’s the same theme of convincing a girl but this time there’s an assurance of “there’s enough money.”

4. Mighty Wine

By now, the similarities between the beats are noticeable. No diversity? Why?

On some tracks, the drums are muffled and a bit low, but on Mighty Wine, the drums dictates the flow.

Wizkid’s voice is soothing and bodes well with the beat, but the feelings and experiences of love are getting tiring at this point. Sigh.

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5. Blessed

Finally! The album comes alive here. In our minds, Made In Lagos was supposed to be a collection of songs that detailed the struggles of living in Lagos.

Maybe filled with inspirational messages and gbedu. Yeah, that was the supposed concept.

But in an interview, Wizkid said: “On this album, I just wanted to make amazing music – real music. I wasn’t trying to make anything for radio or the clubs”

However, we get a feeling of our supposed concept on Blessed. Firstly, it starts with the “cold minera, cold purewater” vocals of a woman hawking on the streets and both Wizkid and Damian Marley sink into a well of introspection.

They look back and are thankful for the blessings of the Most High. Wizkid’s lyrics become pristine, the imagery is vivid and message is passed clearly.

6. Smile

The reception to Smile was a bit cold when it dropped but it adds to the concept of this album as a love-themed project.

In terms of songwriting, vibes and production, it’s the most complete song on the project.

Perhaps the reason why it received a cold response was that it was housed far from the shores of Afrobeats.

Smile leans more to dancehall but nonetheless, it underscores Wizkid’s strength at describing emotions.

7. Piece Of Me

Sweet, sweet energy. Lord! Wizkid possesses a voice that’s so delightful and seducing. What?? He harnesses that strength in depicting the sweet fillings of romance.

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Ella Mai’s glossy hook is also undeniable.

Piece of Me? A steamy, slow thrusting song.

8. No stress

Wizkid dishes out sex lessons here for the inexperienced.

The Ultimate Guide To Pleasing A Woman…On The Romantic Turf.

9. True Love

Listening to this album, Wizkid fuses various elements of the Afrobeats genre. There’s RnB, Soul, Dancehall and here, True Love gives some Caribbean feels.

Tay Iwar drowns out Wizkid’s input as he describes the attributes of True love. True Love is warm (Ooh, your love keeps me warm), True Love is unconditional (Unconditional prisoner (Yeah), number one (Yeah, yeah)) and True Love is real (You wan give me somethin’ that’s real)

10. Sweet One

Sweet one is so dreamy. The same template of horns and melodies, yet it’s so light and bright here.

For most, Wizkid’s vibe-y lyrics falls short, but he’s saved by this wonder of a beat.

11. Essence

Tems. Tems. Tems
It’s a beautiful duet between the two here and Wizkid’s soft croon at the beginning gives direction to Tems who sways in with feelings of wantonness.

It’s hard leaving someone and Tems clearly explains why: “I tried to leave but I can’t/ I don’t know why, you’re the one”

12. Roma

Yo! Terri bests his boss here. This song will go on to have a massive replay value.

Wizkid lights up the track at first and passes the torch to Terri who rides around excitingly. He sounds so confident, serenading the beat delightfully.

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Shout out to Blaq Jerzee for this eastern Nigerian-influenced track.

Gbedu go drop, Oroma go dance.

13. Gyrate

While the bulk of Made In Lagos centers on love and romance, some tracks are hinged on reflection. Gyrate has a little of that.

When he’s troubled, he sparks a blunt, hangs out with his guys just to cool off his mind.

14. Grace

An epic closing track. It ends here. Made In Lagos has come to a close.

Grace brings the vibes of Reckless with Wizkid reflecting a bit on how he’s dealt with his pains: “Say you no believe what my eyes done face/ If I got a bad bitch, tell me all is okay.”

To him, no one can be like him. And he’s grateful to God for all that has happened.

Overall, Made In Lagos is a step forward for Wizkid. We somehow have to accept the current sonic pedestal Wizkid is on.

The theme is so clear, it’s all about the thrilling feelings of love and every thing associated with it. Gone are the club banging sounds of Soco or inspirational messages of No Lele.

Made In Lagos is big, polished, feature-packed and loaded with radio and playlist friendly records. It’s the type of album that will boost streams but it runs contrary to what made Wizkid appealing in the first place.



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