Based on the recent trends on Facebook which speak about how an artiste performers in a show with well advanced knowledge that the organizers paid for the hall, paid for the sound system and also pay producers then in the same manner why can’t young up coming artiste be paid too.

Mr kleb said “it is right and necessary to paid any one the endeavor to performance in your show because he believes that money will be in circulation if the organizers do so.

Recently Nigeria’s Alist producer took his facebook page to address the top notch musical artiste Donjay Rogo about how artiste can’t earn from performaces read below

Donjay Rogo u don’t really understand how this industry works I guess. Artistes don’t make money via performances, we do more shows in jos than Lagos but Lagos musicians makes more money than jos musicians, did u ask ur self how? Instead, make the artiste in jos work on their craft, get sponsors or get a side hustle. How Many artistes here can u play their songs after wizkids song n the quality won’t drop? Can u mention 1 hit track from jos this year? How many of them do good promo? HowMany of them even know what to sing about or choice of lyrics? How many of them calls on djs to take them out n atleast show themLove in every little way? Environment does a lot of things. Hate is too much in jos, no love, so when they sing love u hardly feel the love in the song. Bro, if the artistes in jos goes to the drawing board n do the right thing, I swear people will pay to get them perform, when they only know disrespect, how will they make money? How many calls presenters after interviews? How many dey buy wine come greet OGs? E get people wey go make u cash out for this same industry, them no be God, but God place them Where them dey. NB: 99% of my clients no be jos people n most ain’t Nigerians self, so I no dey fear person to tell the truth.

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