Sunday being 27th of September 2020,

The annual Puus Chin Plang of the mwaghavul Nation held in Panyam Central witnessed a massive crowd and indisputable support ranging from the sons and daughters of the soil.

The mega program was indeed eventful and colorful, cutting across political office holders, businessmen, aspirants and down to onlookers.

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Identify with the people of PANYAM and gave his massive support to the church.

The elder further explain to them why PUUSKAT could not hold this year because of the dreaded Covid 19 that led the government in suspending all cultural activities to maintain social distance as a precaution!

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The people of PANYAM reveals their heartfelt joy and happiness for receiving men of honor and integrity today which beautify the event and gives more meaning to existence of harmony, they pray and ask God to always bless and enrich the hands that gives.

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Watch Video below 


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