Arewa Remarkable artist “Dokin Karfe” dished out a brand new song to thrill his fans, Elias Paul popularly known as Dokin Karfe is up and able to release a new song any moment from now.

The sensational rap artist tagged on the song “Mu Fada Musu” base on the general chaos going on in the country as a whole, specifically Kaduna State In Nigeria.

Mu Fada Musu is an explicational song talking about life and what it has to offer, generally Dokin Karfe
enlightens us more on what we see in our day to day activities.

We always we large amount of chaos going down in the local organizations but no one has stand out to tell our leaders to say this is what we see this is our view about what is going on.

The song has all you need to know keep your fingers crossed as we both anticipate the new hit out song from Nigeria’s A-list artist Dokin Karfe.


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