Arguably, the Igbos from the south east part of Nigeria, care so much about the dead than the living.

They don’t mind going broke just to give their deceased loved one a befiting burial, but will hardly care for the person while alive.

Obi Cubana mom’s burial is a good example. 30 million naira casket, 50 million naira pendant, over 400 cows, goats and multimillion naira burial ceremony. Why spending this much on the dead?

This is one thing I love about the Muslim. No matter how wealthy you are, you will be buried like a common man. No special treat or lavish burial occasion.

Why can’t we empower the living with the millions spent on burial?

Some don’t have good home, but the moment their loved one passes, boom they’d erect a mansion.

Are you an Igbo reading this?

Why Do The Igbos Care/Spend Much Money On The Dead Than The Living?

Let’s hear from you.

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