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The National body emerging of the secondary school certificate examination close a two days meeting with an agreement that NECO for final year students will start on the 5th October while the NABTEB will start on the 21th of September, the delay of all schools and university commencement was due to the pandemic chaos which was all around the globe – Corona Virus. Though the country made it clear that online school might be okay but die to some schools setting that can’t be achieved let’s say for example you have a school but there are not even a single computer that along is worth discouraging because the schools LAN has to be active, we were told early before now that school authority’s visited the minister of education due to that long time fade for the final year students.

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Never the less he said this is a perfect time for them to bend down and read most JAMB failure are caused by social vices like distraction and others, he argued the Nigerians to read well because the way 2020 really affected lots of people in the society. Not talking about the newly intake university students maybe which some are done with registration while some are not but with this popular saying “All Things Work For Good” so we are still on the chase waiting to see the end time  product Corona Virus pandemic will bring forth to us.

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